4G/3G Modem Support

Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX support 4G/3G connections. Please refer to the following page for a list of supported modems:

If your modem is not supported yet, Peplink support team will take a look at the issue and try to make it work via the remote assistance service. To do so, please create a support ticket with us at:



Please provide the following information in the Inquiry box with a diagnostic report:

  • Modem modem number

  • Modem manufacturer

  • Name of 3G Service Provider

  • Country

  • APN, username and password, if any

  • Did you test the connectivity of the modem with a PC? Did it provide Internet access normally?

  • Is the SIM card SIM lock-ed? If yes, please provide the SIM PIN to us

  • Details of the connection error, such as showing “connecting” or an error message 99 etc.

Our engineers will need to connect to your device via our Remote Assistance service to troubleshoot the issue. Further instructions will be provided by our support team member via the support system. Please contact us to proceed the troubleshooting.

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