4-year old Balance 380 LCD + fan issue

This is a HW6 Balance 380. 4 years old. Out of warranty.

I had experienced a power failure recently, and up on restarting the unit the fan speed seems to be running at max (fan noise noticeably louder) … and the front LCD display is one line of “blocks” as I’ve seen others describing.

Also - even on the latest firmware, the status of the Dashboard doesn’t indicate temperature and fan speed. Just Model, Firmware, Uptime, CPU Load, and Throughput. I’m wondering why - is that not supported for my model?

I’ve tried restoring to factory settings to no avail. Then I’ve upgraded the firmware to latest (from 6.3.0 build 1601) but it has not solved any of my issues.

Has anyone done any repairs on this and what’s your experience?



This look like hardware issue for the LCD panel。 Please open a support ticket for support team to further check.

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Support ticket opened already - told to replace entire unit.


Any way to just order the LCD part and replace it myself? I’m willing to pay part cost and shipping, of course. Not sure why the fan speed is at max.


No such arrangement. The problem may not limited to the LCD panel only, so hardware replace it the case here. May i know your purchase point for the device ? I can help to include your local partner in the ticket for the further assistance. They may have trade in program or other offer for this.

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@sitloongs Purchased from Wise Key Consultants Ltd in Hong Kong. I have not reached out to them yet.

@sitloongs Wise Key Consultants Ltd

I will add them into the ticket and will assist on this.

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You’re very helpful, thank you very much!

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