3g usb warid modem-huwuai-e153

Well good evening. I have a warid usb modem. The thing is that I unlocked my modem but it was only the warid & airtel simcards which are working. When I use other simcards then the
Network connection prompt dialog box says “connection terminated”
Redial or cancel. And when I select redial, still it says connection terminated. Well this happens for all other sim cards except that of warid & airtel. Well,yet I already made all the necessary configurations in the “profile management”. My question is if there is any way I can still unlock the modem to make use of other simcards, Thanks in advance for any help. My email is [email protected], modem model is E153u-1, imei is 356342047003856, firmware version : 11.609.18.00.342, serial number : KMA5TA1152303292.

Seems like you already have a support ticket create for this. We shall follow up from there. Thanks.