3G or 4G Pepwave MAX BR1 in Verizon 3G area


I am planning an installation in an area serviced only by Verizon 3G wireless service. I would like to use a Pepwave MAX BR1 for connectivity. Since it is only going to be a 3G connection, I was wondering if I should use the 3G or the 4G version for best connection. I am not interested in the cost savings. I am only interested in best performance. I understand there are sometimes issues with 4G routers working well in 3G areas. I was wondering if anyone had any insight into this. TIA.



Both BR1-3G and BR1-LTE work with Verizon 3G in “1xEV-DO Rev. A” mode, and provide a theoretically maximum of 3.1Mbps DL and 1.8Mbps UL throughput. In your case, both 3G and LTE version of BR1 technically should have the same performance.


Thank you Steve. I may also go for the LTE version in case I can coax an LTE signal out of the site with an external antenna and a booster amplifier.