3G Connection issues with Surf Soho

I am in Costa Rica and trying to connect to my SUS-SOHO-T router to a 3G modem.
Modem is a Huwawei E3531s-6 (I have also tried a Huwawei E397u-53 unlocked Cricket modem)
Carrier is Claro Costa Rica.
The modem blinks green twice every couple of seconds like it is trying to connect but does not.
The E3531 is a Claro modem and works with a NEXXT Polaris 150 wireless router just fine.
I really would like to get this setup working as it is a much better router than the Claro supplied unit.
The SOHO recognizes the modem but just won’t connect.

Please follow the following guide to submit a request if this is related to USB modem connection issue:

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There is no option to change to custom settings on my screen. I am pretty sure that this is the solution to my issue but I can’t seem to find how to get it out of auto mode. Note that it is recognizing my Huwawei modem but the modem will not hook up. Claro in Costa Rica is my carrier and the APN is ba.amx and I am pretty sure that no sim pin is required but the pin is 1111.