3G Channel Bonding on downlink

I manage a gated community that has a a number of clients each having a very limited 1 mbps 3G mobile Internet connection. This is the only ISP connection to the WWW in this locale. Is there any way that a multiple of the 3G USB sticks can be “bonded” to increase the downlink from the cloud to an approximate aggregate of the 1 mbps per USB stick? IE 4 sticks = +3 mbps. I have seen various solutions that seem to be able to channel bond the uplink (from client to WWW) but the problem I am trying to solve is the other way around - from WWW to client. The application is streaming video services from the Internet - there is no opportunity to insert any additional equipment on the downlink until it hits the 3G Modems - then they can be grouped together in one box and “bonded”

Cost is no object here if you have a solution to this problem! Thanks

hi there.

Use VPV site by site for bonding as much as 4 3g connections using a max700 and a load balancer from 210 to up.