3G/4G mobile bonding, with or without VPN on the other end?


I have a little bit of experience with the subject: using a cellular bonding video transmission backpack. But now a client is looking for this solution: he needs on 40 different locations in Belgium upload capacity so he can upload photos (FTP of HTTP upload) fast. This is why I’m looking at different bonding solutions. One being Pepwave Max routers. And I’m not sure I’m reading thing correctly, so I better ask to be sure:

  • do I need anything on the other end when FTP/HTTP uploading files? Or is just the MAX HD2 or MAX 700 with cellular modems enough? I need ‘load balanced/bonded’ speeds. So: when using 3 SIM’s, I need to end the upload about 3 times as fast as when using 1 SIM

  • and this os more or less explained on your KB and Youtube channel: when I do indeed need a VPN Hub on the ‘other end’ (like at a datacenter or at home) to link the 3 SIM’s their packets back together: is this difficult to setup? Meaning: I do know my way around routers, IP configs, … but have never set up a VPN tunnel before …

Thanks again!

Yes, you are correct that you need our SpeedFusion VPN bonding technology. The setup is dead simple and you will be amazed at how easy it is to get up and running!

Thanks for the very quick reply! What do I need on the ‘other end’ then?

If you will have 40 remote MAX units out in the field, you will need at least a Peplink Balance 580 or higher on the other end. You also need to pay attention to the SpeedFusion throughput rating to make sure it is sufficient, have a look at the specs page on our website:

Thanks for share good information. I am also looking farward that answer.