380 compared to Balance One

We have three facilities connected by Speed Fusion. The home site has a Balance 380 and contains our servers. The two remote sites have Balance 210. We have two WAN sources at each. The remote sites Speed Fusion are set in fail over (not bonded) because we find that VoIP between the sites does not work well when it gets routed over DSL, and that is one of the two providers at each of the remote sites.

I have another 380 just for backup. It is not in HA mode. I use it at my house to make it part of the Speed Fusion network but its use there is not critical.

We recently had erratic VoIP problems at one of the remote sites. Through elimination and working with Peplink via email, I installed the backup 380 at the remote site. The problem went away. That site has very little traffic, the logs are no more than 2gb per day which is well within what the 210 could do. The 210 is our oldest device, but its hardware v2. The 210 is working fine at my home now, but there is no VoIP, not a hard job for it.

I ordered a pair of brand new Balance One devices. My thought is to replace both of the 210s since they are my oldest and lowest performing hardware. They are both hardware v2.

QUESTION: My 380 at the main office is hardware v1. Would the new Balance One have significantly higher data capacity than the 380 v1? The Balance One looks like it will support all the features I currently use, so would I be better off installing a Balance One, and moving the 380 to one of the remote sites? Or is the 380 still a more powerful device even though its older?

Hi Don, the 380 is still a more powerful device even though it is older. The 380 is rated for up to 500 concurrent users, while the Balance One is up to 50. There is much more horsepower under the hood of the 380.