310x 5G - real life speeds in 4G/5G

Hi everyone,
I am thinking of upgrading from 20x to 310x as 20x is not able to fully utilise the flex module mini 5G.
Those who are using 310x 5G /4g I would like to know what are the speeds that you are able to achive using the 4g or 5G modem.

Hi Davis,

There is no real world measure that would be of any benefit to you as the number of factors that influence 4G/5G speeds are wide and varied.

For example (to name a few):

  1. Time of day
  2. Location and support level for 5G in that location
  3. Antennas used vs indoor/outdoor
  4. Configuration of the 310x 5G (we have 2 of them that we use within the business)

And many more.

I know where we are there is 5G but has limited support and we got them in order to future proof for when 5G becomes more widely available so our 5G speeds are limited to a point where 4G is better.

You may be in an area / location / country that has much better adoption of 5G services and its rollout is much further along than other countries and much suggestion would be to do some tests with a 5G enabled phone in the area where the router would be used and that should give you a ball park idea.



Hi Davis,

Ozzie is right. There are many factors which will influence the throughput. When we did testing in Europe under ideal conditions we were able to get + 800Mbps Download and +170Mbps (Upload) (latency ~12ms) on a 5G network.

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Thanks ozzie & Geidriur_Motiejunas, I am just trying to understand the real world speeds the device can achieve rather than going by the max speeds and then being disappointed.
So how can I get an to know the approximate speeds that can be achieved at my location (Melbourne, Australia) ?

No one here will give you an approximate speed, or rather if they did it would be useless. The speed you might get is affected by so many variables that any speed given would be pointless.

Speak to a local Peplink Partner ( @mldowling is in your neck of the woods) and see if they have ever deployed where you are, or maybe even see if you could rent a router for a short while to test the performance.

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