300m dual ethernet

How does the dual ethernet port work? Can you assign two IPs to the AP, one on each ethernet port? Can you assign a vlan to either port? Can you assign a specific SSID to either port? What are their actual capabilities beside having one the is POE and the other isn’t POE?


Hi Gabriel, it is just an additional LAN port in case you need to hook up an additional Ethernet device where the AP is deployed. You cannot assign a different IP or VLAN to the port as it is just a L2 port.

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Thanks! I know this topic is old, but I had the same question.

Can you confirm that, in addition to its function as an access point, the AP One 300M also acts like a two-port unmanaged gigabit switch (three ports if you consider the wireless link as a port)?

Also, if the device is powered by 12V, is it O.K. to connect both of the ports to normal (non-802.3af) devices?