3 Way VPN with 700 MAX

Hi Guys,

What is the best way for me to connect 3 mobile locations in a Star Mesh Topology using the 700 MAX in each location? Is there a limitation if I am only using one LTE modem in 2 of the locations?


What IP do we have at these 3 sites?

SpeedFusion is very dynamic in the sense that it can be established on virtually all mix of public/private/static/dynamic IP. But for the most dynamic, fully-meshed topology, ideally we want to have at least one public and static IP at each sites. Granted that it is not always possible. It might be a good idea to list out what we have and work from there.

No limitation if we are using only one LTE in 2 of the locations. SpeedFusion will work just fine.

Hi Kurt,

Quick question before I lay out my network diagram for you. How many VPN connections (speed fusion) can I create with Max 700, is there a limitation?

Network Diagram:

SF: Cable Modem
HNL: Cable Modem

I have a 700 MAX in each location and want to make sure that the private networks are available to each location. I want to pass video/audio to each location simultaneously. Bandwidth should not be a problem and we only have a fall back at the NYC. There are no other WAN providers at the SF and HNL sites.


2 SpeedFusion peers. That gives us right up to 3 MAX 700 in a fully-meshed topology. If we will have more than 3 locations, we can always use a Balance 380 or above as a hub.

The 4 LTE at NYC can be bonded by SpeedFusion no problem - we don’t need more than 1 connection at SF or HNL to the 4 LTE at NYC.

What carrier are we using for those 4 LTE at NYC? What I would pay more attention to is the speed these 4 LTE links provided when used concurrently - if 1 gives us 20Mbps, it doesn’t necessarily mean that 4 will give us 4x 20Mbps. One quick test is to plug them to separate laptops and run speedtest on all of them at the same time.

Quick question - any particular reason we want to use MAX 700 for SF and HNL since these two sites have cables?

Understood, I wanted your confirmation regarding the question simultaneous connections with (speed fusion). We are using Verizon and I have just made provision for all my LTE modes to be assigned fully routable IP addreses. Q: Do we have a bandwidth bottle-neck for VPN (speed fusion) connections? If I can achieve 20Mbps can I bond 3 more modems together to achieve greater speeds? I will run speed-tests individually.

A: Yes, I want to make sure all the sites LAN’s are accessible and we don’t control the WAN router. So I will use the MAX’s for the VPN only. The original thought was to have 3G failover and we still may have this configured.

Thanks for your help Kurt.

You are welcome, David. Keep us posted, alright? We want to see how it goes.