3 Satellite Connections Load Balanced?

Have a construction site in Northern Canada that can only get satellite internet.
I’ve got 3 satellite connections being installed next week. All will be on the same gateway.

I’m told peplink may provide a product that can help me load balance or even combine the bandwidth.
Is this possible with satellite internet? I understand there may be limitations because of the gateways and TCP ghosting (I think is what it is).

Hi - Welcome to the forum!

Yes any Balance product with 3 or more WAN ports (eg Balance 30, or B380 are the ones to look at choice dependant on throughput really) will be able to load balance traffic over your three satellite connections. I know of one partner who does this over 10+ satellite links in a remote location and it works so well they were planning to add more dishes.

Satellite routers tend to do a TCP optimisation called spoofing where they provide very fast fake TCP ACK packets to increase throughput.

Although I have used Speedfusion VPN bonding over satellite in the past (toreduce overall latency in combination with cellular), if all you have is satellite internet then load balancing will likely be enough.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for the helpful advice! Will checkout the products.