3 New features wish

I would like to request 3 new features in the coming new firmware,

  1. Outbound Custom Rules can select the source from WiFi Client instead of add each MAC address/IP address, since the OS already can check the client is from lan or wifi.

  2. Dial in VPN client is manageable, assigned IP address and what the VPN client can access.

  3. Schedule reboot function

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This can be achieved with following steps.

  • Create a Vlan for Wifi client (e.g. Vlan 10).
  • Create a SSID for Wifi client then tie it to Vlan 10.

Then you may create outbound policy to redirect traffic for Vlan 10.

This makes sense. Let’s gather more input here.

Can you elaborate more on this? Why you need this feature and the used case.

I’ll try it later, but can make it more simple?

  1. Assign fixed IP address for different dial-in VPN account
  2. Control which server the VPN account can access in the subnet
  3. Can use outbound traffic rule to control the flow of VPN account to access Internet
  4. Log of the VPN account

We have Balance 310 before, sometimes the web interface was halted but it still work as normal. After reboot, the web interface will back to normal.

We have replaced the 310 to 380 now, don’t know the issue will happen again or not and just want the function for a schedule health reboot.


As adviced previously, recommended please isolate WIFI network from LAN then you can achieve as requested.

Engineering will consider the feasibility.

Schedule reboot is available for firmware 6.3.2 and above (support.cgi page).
Again the function should not use for the scenario as mentioned above. For the Webadmin access issue, please open a support ticket here for the team to further check.

Thank You