3 InControl 2 beta Issues

  1. Google Maps is not showing up properly at login.
  2. When I click on a specific device (AP One), the device properties window opens, but all I see is tabs at the top. It never shows the details.
  3. When creating a configuration file for the AP One on InControl I do not see an option to enable the power boost.

Hi Noah,

Sounds like this could be a browser related issue, feel free to open a support ticket by visiting:

The power boost option is not yet enabled on the InControl application, should be soon.


I’m not seeing a map display either and I’ve tried a few different web browsers. I’ve confirmed that my BR1 is online, shows in InControl but doesn’t show anything under the map section. It does show the GPS coordinates from within the local BR1 interface though.


Question on the PepVPN/SpeedFusion - I enabled SpeedFusion on my Max 700 to the PepVPN on the BR1. I’m showing the connection is established but in InControl 2.0 it’s showing “PepVPN / SpeedFusion is not enabled.” Do I need to configure this through the cloud to get live status reports or should it trigger through a local setup too? By the looks of it I can only get live status through the cloud and would prefer to set the up locally instead.

Hi Matt-

Are you referring to InControl V2? If so, please make sure it is running the special firmware and report your findings in the other thread.

I have the same issue I updated my soho to 6.1.0s18 build 1295, and I have no GPS Map come up? Any ideas and No I don’t have access to the VIP forum

You need to be on 6.1.0s15 firmware build as outlined in the beta evaluation guide:
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I really appreciate that you took all this time to try and help us.