2G/3G/4G technical details


Currently, positioning is not available with the Max On-the-go but is it possible to retrieve via SNMP the GSM cell ID to which it is connected as well as signal strength and sync technology?
It would me greatly in the positioning of my devices but not only. It will be very useful for service monitoring and stability issues.

Kind regards,
PG Dehaye


Essentially it is just Event Log messages that will show up in SNMP. Otherwise I would check out our new InControl2 (http://www.peplink.com/knowledgebase/firmware-6-1-upgrade-guide/) which is our cloud based management system. Otherwise if you are looking more towards a more robust “Event Log/SNMP” please copy and paste to the following:


Thanks for the response.

I have been intensively using the incontrol 2, the hubfusion and the local GUI of the MAX trying to figure that out or finding these lowlevel info without success. To the feature request it is then.