210 to One IPSec problem


Hope you are doing well.

I’m using a BPL210 in a side and BPL One in another side. and also, using IPsec between these two. but we have lots of disconnection per day. So I’m asking you to check the setting and let us know if there is any problem on the setting.
Also, both side has static IP
HQ: 91.x.x.47
Home: 85.x.x.245

Hey, I would use PepVPN over IPsec and also check your WAN health check settings for all WAN at each site. I use DNS Lookup, include public DNS Servers, I also use as my primary WAN DNS and either or as my second. then my timers are 10, 120, 20, 1.



Thank you for your reply,
Everything is fine with the DNS lookup, most of the time the tunnel is connected but sometimes we have a disconnection. I think it may because of the country rules, anyhow for complete understanding, want to check all the setting.