20X with T-mobile

I have a Balance 20X Model BPL-021X-LTE-US-T-PRM. We used it with Verizon Wireless for a year with good results. I switched all our cellular to T-mobile. I can’t get the 20X to communicate using the T-mobile SIM.

The 20X shows the correct SIM information and lots of signal strength. The connection status is stuck at “acquiring address.” I talked to T-mobile several times, they made sure the account was set up for a router. I can put the card in a tablet and it works fine.

Is this device compatible with T-mobile in the US? Is there something else I need to reset in the device to change from Verizon to T-mobile?

update to latest firmware (both 8.1.3 and cellular modem via support.cgi), save config, factory reset, make sure right APN, etc is set?

FWIW, we’re running T-Mobile consumer plans such a their Magenta plan on 20X units pretty much straight out of the box.

Default (I.e. no manual entry) APN, FW 8.1.3, modem FW M0F.660006, network mode = auto, LTE Only.