20x Virtual WAN

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Is it possible to use the Port-Based VLAN on the Balance 20x itself to configure the Virtual WAN on LAN and not using the extra L2 switch ?


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Yes. You can do such design in the B20X.

  1. Virtual WAN settings (VLAN5):

  2. When you configured VLAN 5 as the Virtual WAN , VLAN 5 will be reserved.

  3. Configured LAN Port 2 as the “Access Port” for the reserved VLAN 5 and you can direct connect the Internet Modem/Router (Access/untagged Port) to Port 2.

Hope the above explained your questions.


Thank you so much
It’s a really nice feature and I’m looking forward to try it.


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Does one add-on license enable two Virtual WANs? Or can you enable more?

And what is the hardware limit in terms of throughput? Will you be able to use the full 900Mbps throughput of this model while using a Virtual WAN on LAN4 for example?

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I just read something about the USB Port on Balance 20X at a distributor website:

“This USB port is also compatible with USB Ethernet adapters, allowing you to easily add a second ethernet WAN port.”

Is that true? I’ve never seen this documented on the Peplink site. If it is true, what’s the advantage of using the Virtual WAN over the USB using a USB Ethernet adapter?

To confirm, the virtual WAN activation enables a full WAN on the dashboard that can be dragged between the priorities, and used just like any other WAN?

Can the Balance 20x CPU keep up with multiple ethernet WANs and multiple cellular WANs?

In Balance series UI, it will look like as below at the dashboard.

The WAN priority can be changed in the “WAN Connection Settings” > “Connection Priority” section.

We have some lab tests with Virtual WAN which we don’t see any significant performance difference compared to the usual setup (without Virtual WAN).


Thank you so much

It is true we use it often. In the wan settings for “Mobile Internet” WAN at the top click the “?” to enable USB ethernet adapters. The advantage of virtual WAN is probably throughput. The USB throughput I believe is only 100Mbps.

I am using this today works great I am using a USB 3.0 adapter so should be able to go faster than 100Mbps but my wisp only has 40Mbps to give so don’t know for sure but it works great.

i think the hardware limits anything usb on the b20x to 100mbps

new b20x coming out that might support faster? idk

It certainly would be good to change the UI to that seen on the larger Balance models (e.g., 305, 380, etc). That would be much more straightforward. E.g., something like “check whether you want to use LAN1 as LAN1 or WAN2.”

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