20X open VPN users

if we use balance 20X as a hub devise while using another 5Nos of 20x devises at the branch end.

  1. Recommended open vpn user count from branches to hub device [20X] is15 heads simultaneously. Am i right?
  2. if so, any possibility for coupling 2nos 20X at Headoffice side as a hub, in order to increase number of open vpn users? due to cost concerns.

what do you mean by “2nos” and “5Nos”?

Yes. Its a hard restriction I think to 15 users.

Yes sure - you can just add another and put it beside the current one and just use the new one for remote user VPN. But it might be a bit messy if your remote VPN users need to access anything other than the servers / services on the LAN of the hub device.

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