20X Logs seem to show the router rebooting

FYI, I opened a ticket on this issue, but I wanted to get feedback from the group.

I have a 20X (several actually) and one of them shows, what seems like a reboot, but I don’t know why. I have a camera on the system so I know no one touched the secured rack it’s stored in. It has newer firmware, 8.1.3 (5060) running on the system.

I have not tried any troubleshooting steps yet. Attached is a screenshot of the logs of the router.

Those ‘Started Up’ messages happen on power up so I think you are right.

Is it running on AC power (rather than a battery or solar or something wierd)?

Aside from power supply failures, the only time I saw similar was with an old Balance One in a small busy 4u metal rack. If I disabled the embedded wifi AP it was stable. I think there was a fix to that though.

Suggest you log a ticket for engineering review.

I have the router powered by a rackmount UPS system. The UPS runs all the hardware and camera system in the rack. I see no issues with the other items. Weird.
Let’s see what support says.