2 x Pepwave flex AP one to make a wireless bridge

Hi, I have two AP flex one 300M.
They are outdor and both have directional antennas.
I mention to use it for a short-range wifi bridge (about 200 feet). On one side might be my Balance 580 and 10-15 clients. On another side of the bridge must be more 3-7 clients.

So I can’t configure it both to work in bridge mode. Could someone explain, how to do that?

Believe you are looking at WDS configuration for the Wireless bridge between the AP one flex 300M. Sample setup can be found as below:

Seem AP One flex 300M only support b/g/n (Single Radio), hence you can only building WDS using 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz is not available.

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It has worked.

How may I use channel 14 for wi-fi 2.4 ghz, if it is allowed by law in my location?

May i know which country you are located ? Usually the settings is configuration under country selection. The default channel list will display base on the country selection.

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Japan, where channel 14 is may be used.

Channel 14 only for 2.4Ghz wireless b mode in Japan and the performance is limited (11Mbps). Do you still have such old B mode clients devices in the network that require running channel 14 ?

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Ok. you are right!