2 Wan configuration. please help

B lancer 305
2 fftn one is static ip with pppoe(WAN1) and other is none static ip with pppoe(WAN2)

  • None Drop in Mode WAN1 is ok but Wan 2 is kept on Error no cable connected but light looks ok

I would like to set up this WAN PPPoe static ips for LAN is it possible for without Drop in mode.?

Thank you for any advice in advance…
PS. None static ip(WAN2) Dynamic DNS setting how do I get Host name? how should i set up with DNS-O-Matic id and password then what do i have put in Host filed…?

Thank …


For error no cable connected, you need to check on your cable and modem.

NAT mode should working fine in your environment.

For DNS-O-Matic:-

  1. Register to no-ip.org (for example).
    Host - wan1.no-ip.org

  2. Register to DNS-O-Matic and add service above with login credential and host name respectively.

  3. Please find the attached for WAN1 setting in Peplink.

Hope this help.

Thank you for your help.
Internet works ok now…
Like you said No Drop in mode just two Wan.
But I have to use DHCP in order to get internet.
It seems like default gateway ip change to Peplink b lancer ip , is it normal?
Or do I set up wrong?
Thank you.

It is normal for the LAN clients to have the default gateway of the Peplink Balance IP.

really… oh i see.
DNS server is change too?

If i enable DHCP then client get internet .
How come Disable DHCP and Maual ip on Client internet doesn’t work?
Can I put screen shot here?
Thank you…


Ensure you have similar settings for between DHCP and Manual IP client (e.g. subnet, gateway and DNS servers).

Yes you are welcome to put screen shot here.

These are all set up… Can you tell me what did I do wrong?

Wan one with 64 Static ips This is main LAN ips.
Wan two is None static ips
Window 2008 64 bit client could be problem? Was working yesterday now does not working but Local connection Looks working but No ping No internet.

Thank you…

Which ip should I assign to Blancer ip? Gateway ip assign by isp is but look like that ip doing nothing so should I assign to
sincer yesterday whenever I change blancer ip I can’t get into web interface… what is wrong?

Also At client side Gate way ip is blancer ip what about DNS ip is blancer ip too?

Let me know…
Thank you…

Please open a support ticket with us here so we can gather additional information about your deployment. A network diagram would be helpful for this.

after update firmware working perfect…
Thank you so much…