2 Feature Requests for PepWave Max BR1 (LTE)

Hi guys

BIG fan of the PepWave, the support available and the user interface on the device :slight_smile:

Couple of Feature Requests for your consideration:

Ability to get PepWave MAX BR1 with Sierra Wireless MC7305 module

The current model i have has the MC7710 module inside. I’m in Australia, and the main provider of LTE out here is Telstra. They use the 1800mhz frequency for LTE, and the 850mhz frequency for 3G. Now my current Pepwave works great on LTE, but we really need the device to have the ability to fallback and access the 3G network if the LTE signal is too weak.

From what i understand the Sierra Wireless MC7305 module supports both 1800mhz LTE and 850mhz 3G.

Ability to send SMS messages to the device todo tasks

We have an old 3G router, where we can send the device a txt message to it’s cell number saying “reboot” or “status”, and the device would reboot, or reply back with it’s uptime, IP details, inner temperature. This is really handy, and would be a great feature for the Pepwave.

Thanks guys.

One more feature that we would need on BR1 is ability to log and report the voltage on power supply. We have plans to use solar panel for powering BR1 and therefore would be nice if we can monitor if there is enough input voltage. Also, when used on mobile application, it would give an extra information about the vehicle’s generator condition and would help to warn if the power system would need repair before it actually goes out of service.