2 DSL Modems, Peplink 20 and VOIP Problems

Hello all.

I have a client who has a two DSL’s from Bell Canada connected to a Peplink 20. On this network, they have all thier computers connected (less than 20) and a VOIP system. The other day, one of the modems locked up. I reset the modem, it came back and connected to the Peplink and all looked good.


THe VOIP system stopped working, but we could still get on the internet. Very puzzling. I unplugged the modem that orriginally went down and now the VOIP is working fine. But, we’re running with one modem.

Do any of you folks have an experience with this stuff? One of the folks here said that the modems had to be ‘bridge’ by Bell for this to work, but that doesn’t make much sense to me – isn’t that what the peplink does? He couldn’t really explain this very well – he had seen something once and didn’t really know what it was all about.

Thanks for any help.


Please try to set a Priority Outbound Policy with “Terminiate session on link recovery” for the VoIP system. And see it would improve the situation or not.

There is a Priority Outbound Policy for the phones. I have set it to “Terminate session on link recovery”. I will hook up the modem this evening when everybody goes home and we’ll see if it helps.

Thanks for the input! I really appreciate it.