2 Balance 20 hw6 units stopped communicating with Starlink

We have two balance 20s (harware 6) that have stopped communicating with the starlink dish. Both worked since installing starlink last year but now both get stuck on “obtaining IP address”. Not using the starlink router. Any ideas?

Is this one Starlink and two routers? Can you reach the configured as a management interface?

We chased our tail with this earlier this year, on one of our Balance 310X’s. Turns out a simple power cycle to the PoE injector for the dish helped.

Happens with either one starlink to two routers or one starlink to one router. Was able to reach before it stopped communicating, and still am able to as long as I remove the peplink router from the network.

You must be able to reach from a single balance and Management IP address enabled. If you can’t do that, then we need to PCAP on the WAN interface. Simplify the network… Starlink and one balance only.

Starlink has basically stopped supporting 2 DHCP hosts behind a single terminal. What they consider the first (in a certain timeframe) will be the only one to get an IP address.

Back in November I was running 2, one for IPv4 traffic, and one for IPv6 (which they would not support without that IPv4 DHCP reply).
Then they switched my internet IP to directly routed, (no CGNAT) but only one IP address, and sent a message asking why I was requesting 2, and IPv6 wasn’t available.

About 2-3 weeks ago I was moved back to CGNAT, and no second IP or IPv6…

I would suggest removing all DHCP requesters… and powering down the terminal for say an hour… then turning it back on with only 1 Balance connected. The DHCP leases were for 15mins. I don’t know what criteria they use to limit the DHCP clients to only one per terminal.

If that doesn’t fix it, I would use packet capture on the link from the balance to the terminal. My 20X hasn’t had any issues connecting, but then it was the “primary” and the second PFsense firewall wouldn’t get an IP, statistically that was a 50/50 shot… it could have gone the other way.

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Thanks, Paul - I’ll try that when we have some down time and let you know how it goes.

Ended up putting the two balance 20s in series - which isn’t ideal, but works. Thanks again for your help!