2*10G link aggregation

Dear Peplink,

i’ve thoroughly read all productpages and white paper / speedfusion specifics. The question I have is still not answered so I will try my luck on this forum. When my neighbour and myself both get a 10G internet connection (https://www.bahnhof.se/press/press-releases/2018/10/17/varldspremiar-bahnhofs-10-gbit-s-router-for-hemanvandare-snabbast-pa-marknaden) and we both plug them in the 10G wan ports of the peplink epx, would the EPX be able to aggregate them to provide a stable 20Gbit FTP uplink? The speedfusion vpn tunnel only goes till 4gbit so that is not an option. I know this can be achieved also with Cisco networking gear priced approximately the same, but I have had good experiences at work with the peplink units and would prefer the epx.

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In theory no, in practice yes.
True packet level aggregation needs some sort of technology in place to make it happen. Peplink have Speedfusion VPN. The EPX has a 4GB ceiling on Speedfusion which is a massive amount but nowhere near the speeds you are talking about (assuming the connection is symmetrical).

In practice though, with pipes this big you don’t need aggregation you need well manged intelligent load balancing. The EPX will be perfect for that.

I can only assume you plan on hosting services for others to access. If I was doing this I would leave it as load balanced and put key real time services (like VOIP and video conferencing) over SpeedFusion.