1Gbps Throughput

I live in an area of the world where I have access to a tons of bandwidth and tons of different options for providers. We are big into network redundancy and are really good at selling more than 1 ISP to our customers. The Balance One is great for us but the recommended users is sometimes not. We have a lot in the 50-300 range but the 305 and 380 only have 200 Mbps throughput. I don’t want to bottleneck my bandwidth in the Balance because a lot of the time we will built a Wifi network and sometimes even get the entire data service for a company as well. Recently I have been seeing that the 710 is more for our needs in terms of throughput but in a lot of places its overkill in terms of recommended users since most the time it is just for a VoIP network using g711 codec. I have access to a lot of fiber gigabit circuits with many different providers and for a very low price with a few, so I am not going to pass it up especially if I can future proof a customer.

It would just be nice if you made the 305, 380, 580, and 710 a minimum of 1Gbps throughtput.

I second that request.