times out keeps timing out. What do I need to do or what am I doing wrong? There is internet working and all 3 lites are green. MAX_BR1_EC7D

What IP address is the device that is trying to connect to the internet?
Can you confirm the lan ip of the pepwave?
What model are you using?
Please ehare some ping/traceroute screenshots.

At the risk of completely missing the poster’s point… I assume Joyce is trying to get to the UI on the BR1. Shouldn’t the IP address be A wayward ‘.’ seems to have been placed in the IP address.
If I missed the point… my apologies.

that is correct

Joyce: The IP address in your subject won’t work, as @lemondrop9344 indicated. Try these in order:
One of these should work if you have not changed the IP address or port number.
Make certain your computer is connected to a LAN port when you do this.

neither worked and I have not changed IP address. My problem is that I want to be able to switch between wifi and cellular at campgrounds. Is there another way to be able to do that without having to get to the IP address? Thanks

Are you connected to the pepwave wifi , or the camground wifi?
What is the ip address of the device you are using to connect to the pepwave?

Joyce, Sort of going out on a limb here & making some assumptions on what you are actually trying to accomplish.
If I understand your issue correctly you are in a campground. Depending on whatever, you may want to connect to the internet with either the cellular connection or the camp ground provide WiFi. If I don’t have this part correct, disregard everything that follows.
I assume you have a PC & an Ethernet cable. Connect the PC to the Peplink device to a LAN port via Ethernet. You need to get to the user interface (UI) on the Peplink device. You can normally get to that by keying in the IP address of the router (the Peplink device). is the default address for my BR1.
This will take you to the Status page of the device. There you should see options for cellular & WiFi as well as the priority for each connection. This is where you can make the determination on which you will use. There may be other ways, but this is probably where you want to start.

thank you I will try that! If not I will be back!!