1350 - MAX HD2 Speedfusion Setup complete newbie

So i can not get this speedfusion to connect no matter what.

So i have a 1350 behind a firewall it is connected to the internet on wan1. It has a public IP adress x.x.x.x the adress can be pinged from the mobile router. Only ports open to the inside are TCP 32015 and UDP 4500.

Speedfusion menu is setup with remote ID, Local ID and basicly nothing else.

On the MAX HD2 Router

I have 2 simcards for WAN, Internet is working fine.

Speedfusion is configured to match the setup of the 1350.

I dont have any connection between the 2 units it just says starting under the status.

Both units have the newest firmware. Any clues to what im missing?

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Please open a support ticket and one of our technical members will be able to dig deeper.


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It seems it wont be needed. Connection is up and running now. It was neccesary to have port UDP 4500 open in & out in the firewall rules. Not just in.

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Thank you for the update and yes you are correct!

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