10 PepVPN License for Balance One

Hello All,

I just wanted to clarify something:

We have the need to add additional PepVPN connections, but more than 5. The license upgrade to 20 is an option, but a costly one.

Searching around in the Peplink store I noticed the PVN-LC-10 license to extend the maximum amount of PepVPN peers to 10, however in the data sheets and spec list of the Balance One router there’s only mention of the possibility to increase to 5 or 20 peers.

Am I right that there is an option to buy a PVN-LC-10 license to increase the maximum PepVPN peers to 10?

Yes you can buy and apply PVN-LC-10 to a balance one.
Datasheet content has always lagged reality a little :wink:


Hahaha, thanks Martin! I’ll inform the purchasing department.

Great tutorial on Vimeo, by the way. Would love to see you make more tutorials.

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