1 fast modem, 4 slow modems...only slow modems get used

Balance 710
HW Rev 1
FW 5.4.9
MSV 1011

I have 1 “fast” modem (30Mbps down and up) and 4 slow DSL modems (1.2Mbps down each).
I have tried various settings in outbound policy as well as inbound service settings, but the fast modem seems to always get used last. If I test with the Peplink Broadband Speed Test, the fast modem starts out at full speed and immediately drops down to less than 1Mbps. The slow modems continue at full speed (1.2Mbps each).

  1. How do I test whether the fast modem is being throttled somewhere?
  2. How do I get the fast modem to carry all the traffic it can handle but still allow the slow modems to help with the load?


Can you please upgrade the device using the the latest firmware ? This will make sure you will enjoy any enhancement/improvement for the firmware.

Beside that, may i know do you tested with the least use algorithm ? Least used algorithm will forward/route the connection to the most available down-link bandwidth.

  • Least Used - Traffic will be routed through the healthy WAN connection that is selected in the field Connection and has the most available downlink bandwidth.

P/S: Make sure you had set the WAN download/upload speeds correctly in-oder the least used algorithm work as expected.

Thank you

Why does it not use the fastest modem or the highest priority modem? Why is it using the slow modems in preference to the fast modem?
I do not think I should spend the $850 for a warranty renewal to get a firmware upgrade when it is not clear that it will solve my problem.

Firmware upgrades are free.

This is depending the outbound policies you defined. Hence, Sit Loong provided the suggestion here to meet your requirement.

Please refer here to understand more on our load balance algorithm.

Excellent! Now I’m up to 6.1. This is awesome. I really appreciate this.

OK I weighted the outbound so most of the traffic goes over the fast modem.
And now, how do I apply weighted settings to inbound traffic?


Please refer to the URL below to understand how inbound load-balancing work & steps to configure the integrated DNS server.


Thank You