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    Balance 380 - Would like to mix public ip and dhcp - questions

    I have a Balance 380 and have two WAN connections. The first uses static IPs with a subnet of (.193 - .222). The second uses DHCP.

    I'm trying to set up the Balance so I can use it as a DHCP server, with the majority of my workstations using DHCP IPs, but with some using static IPs from WAN1.

    I am able to set up the Balance without the DHCP server enabled so that all workstations use public IPs. This works fine, but I really would like to utilize the DHCP server.

    I am also able to set it up with DHCP enabled, but can't seem to set it up so that any of the static IPs work. Is this possible?

    Also, when I set it up with DHCP, I use a subnet of, but I get an error that the subnet must be within the subnet of my WAN (.224). I changed the subnet of my WAN1 connection to .0 so that I can use the same subnet for my DHCP.

    I'm hoping I can mix public and DHCP (even for a short time) so I can complete the switchover more gracefully. Eventually I won't use any public IPs and will rely only on the DHCP server.

    Any ideas?



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    Re: Balance 380 - Would like to mix public ip and dhcp - questions

    I saw this note: http://www.peplink.com/index.php?vie...id=187&path=18

    Is this the only way to accomplish additional static hosts using the balance?


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