Zabbix SNMP Template to use for Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini

I have the Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini and I would like to monitor it using Zabbix 4.0. I’ve installed the Pepwave MIB in my Zabbix server, configured my Pepwave MAX with SNMP v3 and have confirmed that I can query the Pepwave MAX using snmpwalk and snmpget.

I’d like to add the Pepwave to my Zabbix server, but I’m not sure what template to use. In the past, whenever I’ve had to add other devices (e.g. Cisco switches, Synology devices, etc.), I usually start with a Zabbix template that Zabbix or other community members have contributed, and then make changes to the template.

However, I don’t see any Zabbix templates for Pepwave. Does anyone have a recommendation on what generic template to start to use, or if anyone wants to share what they’ve done? I’m also interested on what kinds of Zabbix triggers folks have defined for their Pepwave MAX devices.