Wyze Outdoor Cam Problems

I have a Wyze outdoor cam base station that connects (solid blue light) then loses connection after a couple of hours (blue flashing light).

I’ve tried limiting to 2.4GHZ and with different levels of WPA/WPA2/WPA3 but it happens on all. Nothing seems to make a difference. Anyone have a similar experience?


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How far away is the camera from the BR1? If you login to the BR1 and look at the client list under status - what is the measured signal level for the camera?

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Thanks Martin.

Right now it’s about 3 feet away from the router and the signal is showing as -22 RSSI.

I’ll just mention we are presently troubleshooting very similar issues at three locations with v3 Wyze cams and in use with Peplink APs. At this point our prime suspects are the Wyze products – not the Peplink equipment.

I’ll point out that in one location we have a v2 WyzeCam which works fine about a foot from a v3 that does not, both registered to the same AP. Not a signal strength issue. Works fine for a while – then goes out to lunch after a few hours. Captured video is not uploaded.

We just started working with the outdoor versions. We need to spend some more time with these before we feel comfortable. However, the first time we visited one it had selected a 2.4GHz channel that was in use by a Peplink AP not more than 20’ away - very baaaaad. So, in addition to @MartinLangmaid’s suggestion (above) you might want to check the channel in use to see if there is a conflict there.

As I said, we have much more to do with this issue yet.


Sounds exactly like the problems I’m having.

I’m new to peplink and a wireless networking amateur. How do I tell what channel I’m using?

Hi. I don’t have access to one at the moment to grab a screenshot but when the outdoor base station is in AP mode you can access that info via the “app.”

Not seeing anything in the menus that gives me the WiFi channel.

OK. As I mentioned, I’m not close to one right now. Can you do a wi-fi survey from your BR1 to determine what channel it’s on?

Not sure how to do a WiFi survey from the peplink. Could you give me a hint?

In the meantime, I ran one from my MacBook. Looks like the Peplink is on channel 1

OK. Does your MacBook see the Wyze device?

It sees the Wyze device broadcasting its own hidden network but that’s for the cameras themselves to connect to.

That hidden network is also in channel 1, but seems like everything else in my neighborhood is on channel 1 too.

I’m going to try a test now and connect the wyze to my home network just to see if it can stay connected. Will post results in a couple of hours

So it’s either a Wyze thing or a problem w/ wireless in my house/neighborhood.

I moved the wyze base station to my home network (eero pro) and it’s showing the same problems but actually goes to blinking blue almost immediately.

Going to move the peplink to the boat this weekend and will bring the wyze stuff with me. Let’s see if there’s something strange in the neighborhood that gets resolved by moving the devices.