Wondering how to connect Site A to Site C via Site B?

Hi everyone, we have 3 locations so I want them all connected. Say Site A, Site B and Site C. Site B is FusionHub in the datacentre with Site A and B being our offices.

Site A talking direct to Site C isn’t really that necessary, so to save using a PepVPN connection, is it possible to have Site A talk to C via FusionHub at Site B? Site A is, Site C is It didn’t seem to work even if I set an outbound policy that traffic to network goes over the VPN. It only seems to work if I do a full mesh and connect to Site C directly. It’s fine if I have to do it that way but was just curious since it would be a good way to save on some PepVPN connection limits for these sites that don’t really need a direct connection. That and for redundancy also. Thanks!

Hello @liammonroe,
Do you have a simplified drawing/schematic of how you would like the network to work that you can post, this will help many of us here in helping you with your solution.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

The Hub and spoke model (FusionHub as Hub, physical devices as the spokes) should just work. When the PepVPN tunnels are up, Sites A & C will advertise their LAN subnets to the FusionHub which in turn advertises all connected subnets to all other connections and the devices at Sites A & C will then know how to route traffic between each other via the Fusionhub.

You can check this is working by looking at the status -> SpeedFusion Page of each appliance it should show the remote subnets that are on the LAN of the other devices:
This is an example. From this device I can see all the remote subnets available to me via the FusionHub I’m connected to.

What do you see in this view on your Site A and Site C devices?

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