WLAN Controller Features

Dear Guys ,

I see some features in Peplink Balance user manual 6.1 which I can’t find them on Peplink Balance 710 Demo Device on your site !

for example : operating schedule , power boost , output power , etc.

Thanks - Hootan

Please click link inside the question mark next to AP Settings as screenshot below

Dear Lai ,

It was a trick ! I should search all Question marks from now on to find advance features :wink: Thanks for your note.

Could you please tell me what “Client Load Balancing” feature exactly do ? not mentioned in user manual.

Thanks - Hootan

Hi Hootan,

Below is the usage of “Client Load Balancing”

Example of Setup:-

  • 2 x AP managed by WLAN Controller.
  • AP1 has 5 users
  • AP2 has 10 users

When “Client Load Balancing” is enable and a new user is trying to associate with AP2, WLAN controller will redirect the user to AP1 since AP2 has more connected clients. Thus, client load balancing can be achieve.

Great , Thanks for useful information provided.

I need to know about “Dynamic Output Power Control” also and how it works.

Thanks - Hootan

Hi Hootan,

Do you mean Output Power under the AP Profile?

Yes , right.

Hi Hootan,

For Dynamic Output Power, Controller will check the RSSI of the neighbor APs (within the same profile) and adjust the power accordingly. There are 2 different options, “Auto” will check periodically while “Manual” will only be triggered by clicking “Trigger” button under “AP -> Toolbox -> Auto Power Adj.”

Great , Thanks for useful information.


Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I don’t see the Output Power = “Auto” option on either the AP Controller on my Balance One Core, nor on InControl2… Both only list Max, High, Mid and Low as options for Output Power.


Output Power “Auto” option is not available for AP Controller standard version.

For more information, please refer to the attached screenshots below:

AP Controller Standard:

AP Controller Pro:

Please also refer to the URL below for the device model that support AP Controller standard vs AP Controller Pro:

Thank You

Sitloongs, thanks for your reply.

I suppose AP Controller “Standard” is not software upgradable to “Pro”, so what about InControl2 ? Any chance that it will ever support Output Power = “Auto” ?

Output Power = “Auto” only supported on Balance 305 and above. Please consider this if this feature is needed.

Thank you.