Wireless setup problem

I just purchased a balance one. I’m able to wired internet from the router. At this point only WAN 1. Firmware is 6.2.2s012 build 2047.
Many of the Peplink interfaces on my simply do not match what I see on-line.

Under AP / AP Controller
I enable AP Management with Permitted AP as ANY.

Under AP / Wireless SSID
I added SSID = WIFI2, VLAN ID= LAN (No VLAN), Broadcast SSID = enabled, Security Open, Restricted Mode = All, MAC = empty.

  1. Under AP / Settings
    I leave all defaults. Note, I have no “AP Profiles”, so I assume Settings IS MY ONLY PROFILE.

  2. Under Network / LAN I have NO WLANCONTROLLER options as is shown in the WIRELESS setup video.

  3. Under Network / LAN I cannot setup bonjour. Odd.

After saving changes and applying, my IPAD cannot see “WIFI2” as an available wi-fi network.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.


Possible to let me know are you using Balance One as AP Controller to manage external AP ? Or actually you can’t get the Balance One integration WIFI AP to work ?

  1. For integrated AP, please make sure WIFI AP status is turn On.
  • Please refer to the attached screenshot as attached.
  1. To manage external AP, make sure Access Point (AP) is Online.
  • Please refer to the attached screenshot as attached.

Thank You

Thank you for your reply. I want to use the integrated AP. To clarify, I want my balance one router to broadcast WIFI2 as my in-house wireless network so my iPad can connect.

I believe my firmware is not matching up with the image you uploaded. Likely, I have setup something improperly. My dashboard does not show WIFI2 as you have displayed in your image. I will attempt to post some attachment images.
It seems that I have 0 AP online.

How can I add the AP access point?

Hopefully, you will now see the various images that I am seeing when using the poplink interface.


The device belong to you is Balance One Core. Balance One Core doesn’t support integrated WIFI AP. For more please refer to the URL below:

Thank you