Wireless bridge with Surf mini (200)

We recently purchased a Surf mini as a part of a project that will involve multiple iPads that need wireless connectivity across a variety of environments. The plan is to have a central cradlepoint router that is connected via a 4G USB verizon card to the internet. From that cradlepoint, there is the possibility we would need to extend the range of the wireless network. The software vendor we are using for the project suggested using the Surf mini as a wireless repeater to extend the wireless network.

I have found difficulty testing this scenario at our own labs. I am able to connect to the internet if directly wired to the cradlepoint or via wireless. I am also able to connect to the internet via the Surf mini if I wire my laptop to the ethernet port and the Surf connects to the cradlepoint over wireless. However, if I set the Surf near the boundaries of the cradlepoint’s range, let it boot and connect via wireless, and then proceed to connect to the Surf on an iPad I can not access the internet. I can tell I am attached to the Surf because I have restricted its DHCP range to one outside of what I made available on the cradlepoint and my IP reflects this and the signal strength is what I would expect. I am able to connect to the Surf’s admin page but nothing else. I have also tested this same scenario using a different router with the same results, loss of internet access.

I have followed the directions on the startup guide and have tried to troubleshoot it using what is available on the admin interface but have not been successful. Is this setup even supported? Now that I go back and read most of the advertised scenarios they seem to detail a wireless->wired bridge as opposed to what we want to happen here which is wireless->wireless. What am I doing wrong? If this is not supported can you point me towards a device which does support this? Thanks!

What I will do right away is to check if Surf mini Wi-Fi AP/LAN IP settings are correct. If the issue persists, please submit a support ticket with us at http://www.pepwave.com/contact/support along with a debug dump and we will take a closer look?

Instructions on obtaining a debug dump can be viewed at http://www.pepwave.com/index.php?view=faq&id=92

I got a response that works for this setup, although it may not be ideal for certain situations if you need to access resources on the same subnet as the main router. For those situations I have been able to use some routers running DD-WRT in repeater-bridge mode with very good results.

Here is the response from Pepware support:

This is a supported case. One issue is that the Pepwave Surf products
are natted devices. So the IP address scheme on the CradlePoint side
should be different from the one on the Pepwave side.

Since 192.168.0.x/24 is used in CradlePoint, you have to use a different
network such as 192.168.20.x/24 which is a default IP address scheme in
Pepwave. So it will be a double-natting case.

4G )))) CradlePoint )))WiFi))) Surf )))))
192.168.0.x/24 192.168.20.x/24

So by changing the network on Pepwave side, you should be able to
accomplish your goal.