Wired network stopped working last night

I’m using a Pepwave Surf Soho in my home that I setup in early March 2020. I’m running firmware version: 8.1.0 which I updated a couple of months(?) ago. My internet provider is the local cable monopoly.

Last night my wired network went down, but the wireless network remained available. Most everything is running wireless, but a few things remain plugged in and not having the internet on these devices is very problematic (like my college son’s computer with finals coming up). I have restarted the entire system (modem, Pepwave and computers) to no avail. I’ve tried plugging my laptop directly into the Pepwave (as opposed to the wiring that runs through the walls) and the network settings (Windows 10) still says “ethernet connected, no internet”.

Although I’ve worked in the IT field for many years, I am only a little familiar with network terminology as desktop support has been my specialty. Where do I start looking to troubleshoot this situation?

Thank you!

OK, well. it came back on. Not sure what happened. Thanks for reading!

I spoke too soon. It’s back off. Any ideas?