Windows Native VPN Client from Domain-Joined Computer

I have a user with a domain-joined laptop that is running Windows 10 Technical Preview. They are trying to create a new VPN connection and when it tries to connect, it seems to be passing the domain along with the user id and it is failing. We see this also from a new Windows 8.1 laptop that is domain-joined. Non-domain joined computers work fine (I am trying to set up a non-domain joined Windows 10 laptop to see if the same issue occurs).

Is there a “domain” or hostname that can be used as part of the login identity?



Do you mean failed to connect Peplink PPTP if laptop was joined domain?

Yes. If the laptop had joined a domain, then the login failed.

In Windows 7, the VPN client has an option to not send the Windows Domain. That option is unavailable in Windows 10…


Can you try setup Peplink PPTP User Accounts in format below?

Username - [email protected]

When you try to connect PPTP from laptop, just enter [email protected] as Username. I tested this is working fine in Windows 8.

For Windows 10, you may need to check with Microsoft if PPTP is different from Windows 8.