Will this work?

First situation. Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot Aircard 771S which will be USB tethered to the Pepwave Surf SOHO which is ethernet connected to the Apple Time Capsule WAN port. Assume Hotspot will be supported by Netwave.

Hotspot radio turned off. Pepwave Surf WiFi turned off. WiFi network only broadcast by Apple Time capsule.

Can the Surf’s broadcast (radio) be turned off for my outlined scenario?

Second situation question. Can I also do WiFi as WAN by using an available WiFi (RV park, Sam’s Club, etc.) and use a fallover to the Hotspot if needed with the Pepwave Surf SOHO?

If the above two situations will not work, what gear do I need?

Yes, the Surf SOHO will work in both of those scenarios. Thanks!

TimS., Thanks much!!