Wifi to connect to my solar system

Hello, i have looked through your products and i’m a bit confused about what i need. I have a solar home system which contains of a 80W solar panel and a 55Ah battery, which uses 12V DC. Do you have any wifi that can operate on this system or do i need a inverter?

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Do you need just wifi or a router to connect to the internet?

Quiet a few of our products can run directly of 12V DC. Below are some of them;


  • AP One AC Mini
  • AP One AX
  • AP One Rugged
  • AP Pro AC
  • Ap Pro Duo

Routers (with wifi built in);

  • BR1
  • Transit
  • HD2
  • HD4
  • MBX
  • Balance 20X
  • Balance One
  • Balance 30 Pro

SD-Switches (must be powered by 48V DC fro PoE to function);

  • 8 Port Rugged
    -16 Port Rugged
  • 24 Port Rugged

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