WiFi Speed Issue


For some reason I’m not getting the full internet speed on wireless. Using ethernet I get roughly 29.5 Mbps download and 3.5 upload through my single internet connection, but on wifi I get less than those numbers (it varies). This is the only router that I have the issue with the wifi speed being slower than the ethernet speed.

Do you know if this is a setting or just how the router works?


You will always lose some speed when on wifi compared to wired connections. What are the speeds that you are getting via wireless?

It ranges…At times it’s been in the 18 Mbps download range and sometimes close to where it should be (more what I’mm seeing right now when running a few tests). I know there could be a little loss via WiFi, but this router has lost more than others I’ve used and just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a setting.


  1. Which AP you used to test?

  2. Have you check the interference level there? This is very common in wireless connection if you used 2.4GHz (802.11ng).

  3. How many users associated to the AP? Please take note wireless connection is bandwidth sharing basis.

  4. What is your distance from AP? Line of sight ok?