Wifi reports missing SSID usage data

Recently I can no longer see any SSID usage data under wifi reports for any of our clients. (See image) We have numerous wireless networks setup within our InControl2 portal and the there is no data available under SSID usage for any of the networks. All the other data displays normally. I’ve used different web browsers. Has anyone seen this issue? I just noticed this occurrence about a week ago. Should I open a support ticket?

I would first check to see if the device is getting to the NTP server to update the time.

Out of curiosity, how would having the correct time affect that particular information when all the other information is displayed without issue? And how would I go about checking the NTP server settings on the AP? I’ve looked around but without direct access to the AP locally, is there any way of seeing or changing the NTP settings? Thanks.

I suggest opening a ticket for us to take a closer look.

Thank you.

I have opened a ticket with support: #763886


We will follow-up with you using support ticket.

Thank You