WiFi management in inControl

  1. Currently used WiFi channels will be scanned daily. Please add there an option to change this at admin’s command, for example
    > introduce Settings -> Device Tools - > Apply channel change ;
    that will force this change to commit immediately.

  2. on Status page we cannot see actually selected channel per every AP,
    please show it there

  3. Please add ability to see wireless link error rate per every WiFi client, currently we can see SNR value, but it does not give enough information for admin (for example, to detect that a rogue AP is interfering - this can easily happen, about 50 % out of our clients use Android where this local AP function is included)

  4. When something is configured in devices, a message “… Configuration has been updated by InControl” appears in log. Please
    add there a record of particular setting value that was actually updated, this may be valuable information if something is changed accidentally
    4a (or a command Revert last change would be nice as well)

  5. Cannot see option “Number of simultaneously connected devices” under Token Management after a last update, is it removed?