Wifi Latency on Mac Products


We have had now a couple of customers who are mac users complaining about latency on the Surf Soho, even to the point that they have removed our routers and put in a different consumer grade nighthawk router. Has anyone else experienced this. Any suggestions would help greatly.

Charlie Stayton
Duke Communications



I have similar issues… Essentially starting a Time Machine from a Mac on WiFi (Time Machine is on ethernet) causes TCP throughput from Mac to router to dry up. I can still ping but TCP traffic will not go through. This usually lasts for a minute or so then the Time Machine backup with progress for a while then freeze everything up again.



I been working with you via support ticket 783555. Pending your reply on this. Would you kindly help us to isolate the issue:

This can be related to the congestion for WIFI channels when high traffics sent.

  1. May i know the backup still running when you found no other traffic will flow over the WiFi ?

  2. Would you able to split over the SSID to 2.4Ghz & 5 Ghz ? When the issue happen it will interrupted both SSIDs ?