WiFi Cam. Has to be on the WAN?

Hello and Good Day to All
I have this small twenty dollar WiFi Cam that I use to see my dog in his dog house. It uses an app. and it actually works pretty good.

If I make a firewall outbound rule with the WiFi Cam MAC address it will stop working. If I remove the rule it works again.
Why is this? When the Cam is working it shows in the info that it’s IP address is not the one on the LAN.
Any ideas? Any information?
I only want the Cam to be on the LAN.

Hi Ballistic,

as I know, the most cheap Cams need a Internetconnetion to their cloud server. To this server your app is connected.
If this device is working really without cloud, let me know the type of the cam, I’ll buy it :wink:


Thank You for the reply dennis.hofheinz
It does have a cloud service. But it also can use an sd card.
I was watching it’s activity and it has small amount of up and down in a months time. I just don’t trust that kind of actions.
After all I don’t want anyone spying on my dog. LOL🤣

Perhaps read the documentation for the camera to see if it has a LAN side interface. You might also run nmap or another port scanner against it from the LAN to see if there are any open ports. Finally, connect the mobile device running the app to your Wifi and see if you can configure it with the LAN side IP address of the camera.

I too would like to know of a camera that worked without an Internet connection.

Thank You for the reply Michael234
I did go to their web site, and they do tell you that it must have internet to function.
In one month it had 27mb on down and 37mb on the up.

The Cam. I use at my gate is WiFi or Ethernet and can be used without an internet connection. The name of it is Oco.
It can use a Cloud Service, SDCard, or a server on a computer. I have the server on my MacBook Pro and the camera is using WiFi and is really awesome. The camera is about $150 but can be found for less. I purchased it through Home D.

I’d put it on its own VLAN

Thank You for the reply mystery
I haven’t gone there yet. I will try that.