Wi-Fi WAN recommended setup / improvements

I have a MAX BR1 that is in use on a sailboat. Rather than using LTE constantly, I would like to connect to other local Wi-Fi access points at the various marinas I frequent when at the dock.

I’ve tried doing this at my current marina, but the signal strength varies so much it is hard to use.

Is there a way to boost the performance of the unit in some way? A bigger antenna? Does it use the same Wi-Fi antenna that is in use to broadcast my local signal, or a secondary internal one?

Any other recommendations for setting up Wi-Fi WAN to get the best performance. I cannot move the unit that I have somewhere else, which I know will be a suggestion.

Rather than moving the MAX unit, some of our marine customer purchase outdoor antennas instead.
We do carry a number of SKU for that, or you can use your preferred ones as long as the connector fits.

*Do note that for long distance extension of the antenna you’ll need low loss cable.

Thank you.

Just to confirm - the same WiFi antenna is used for both picking up a remote signal, and broadcasting the local signal for my private network?

Yes, you’re right.