Wi-Fi problems after fw update 6.1.2 possible to downgrade?

Since the update to fw 6.1.2 we have huge problems with connecting to the Internet via our guest Wi-Fi (not Peplink). As I have no clue where the problem can be I would like to downgrade the the firmware on the Peplink balance to 5.94.9 but I am not sure if that is possible. Will I destroy the Peplink Balance or can I just do a downgrade?



I have the Surf SOHO. When I go to reboot the unit, I have a dropdown to have it reboot to using the previous firmware version. Check and see if you have that option. You shouldn’t need to flash it again.

Yes, you can just roll back to the previous version. What kind of troubles are you having with your Wi-Fi network? This should be unrelated to the Peplink Balance…