Wi-Fi as WAN on 5.8Ghz


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Which MAX model support Wi-Fi as WAN on 5.8 Ghz with shock and vibration resistance ? I know HD4 support but we need something less expensive.



Hi Hootan,

Max Transit or Max700 is an option for you.


Are you sure MAX Transit has WiFi as WAN ? the datasheet is not clear regarding this !



Hi Hootan,

Yes. Max Transit do has WiFi WAN.


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Hi Hootan,

Fyi, Max Transit do support 2.4GHz for Wifi WAN at the moment. We target to support 5GHz after v6.3.0.

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That’s what I need to be sure about that. when v6.3.0 is going to be released ? Is there any beta at this time ?


Hi Hootan,

v6.3.0 beta to be available in this month. We target to support 5GHz after v6.3 was GA.


@TK Liew: Hi, whats the status for this feature. Support for 5ghz Wi-Fi WAN available? we´re running MAX Transit (6.3.1 build 2256)


Hi TK, Our 5 GHz wifi WAN is running great!
Please consider adding it to the public release.
As Hootan said, the data sheets are not very clear regrind wifi LAN/WAN
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5Ghz WIFI WAN for MAX Transit feature have been re-scheduled. Please stay tuned & we will include this in future firmware.

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The firmware given previously is the special firmware for Max Transit that support 5Ghz for WIFI as WAN. The firmware will disable WIFI AP to support WIFI as WAN for 5Ghz.

Please stay tuned for the MAX transit 5Ghz WIFI as WAN feature as mention in the earlier post.

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Good Morning
Any update on this?
No problem with losing the Wifi LAN as its not used on a lot of our instals.
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Found that you had open a support ticket asking for the feature. As for now, special firmware will be given for the WIFI WAN 5GHz (Losing the Wifi LAN).

Tentatively the feature will be schedule for firmware 6.4.0.

Thank you
Sit Loong


Hi. I have MAX700 HW revision2, firmware 6.1.1. I do not use wi-fi as WAN function, but I can’t enable wi-fi 5ghz option. The only network, that I could create is 2.4 ghz. Am I doing something wrong? I tried to select option “5ghz”, set the priority to 5ghz in AP section, but it is useless. Does this device support 5ghz WI-FI networks?


HW revision2 does not support 5Ghz, only 2.4Ghz. HW revision3 supports both. Thanks.